Beer Restaurants

Our main dishes



Steamed Mussels 

Fresh mussels in garlic and dill with white wine.






Pork Thy (for 2 persons)  


Our famous pork thy needs no introductions, served with fresh potatoes, tomato and hand made sour cabbage






Ossobouko (for 2 persons)  



The best part of the veal leg, baked in a caul.

It is served with fried onions, potatoes and grilled peppers.




Mix Grill (for 2-4 persons)

Variety of meats on a wooden plate, served with fried delicacies and grilled vegetables.





Snitzel al parmegiano 


Pork fillet pane-fried covered in a layer of grated parmesan cheese served with grandma's fried potatoes.






A rich and juicy burger, as suits its name, served with grandma's fried potatoes and grilled vegetables.






Smoked Steak 

Smoked pork steak with caramelized onions.

Accompanied with chef’s rice.







Pancetta Pork Steak 


An entire piece of steak served with grandma's fried potatoes and grilled vegetables. Proposed for those who are really hungry…





Chicken Fillet

Grilled chicken fillet served with a light sauce of vegetables accompanied with chef’s rice.







Grilled Salmon Fillet 

Grilled salmon fillet served with rise,

vegetables and a light Dijon sauce.







Linguini with sun-dried tomato and veal fillet pieces.